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US Sponsored Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine

US Sponsored Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine

European Terrorists ethnically cleansed indigenous Americans before! Now, with their master Israel, they are ethnically cleansing the indigenous Arabs (Christians and Muslims).

Faruque Ahmed


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"In everything, we are destroyers--even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief...We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands." - Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, pages 152, 155, and 147.

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Flying in the face of the international community, including its own guardian-ally, the United Sates, Israel has approved a wide-ranging plan to obliterate the remaining vestiges of the traditional Arab-Islamic identity of East Jerusalem.

Sponsored by the ultra-fascist group known as National Union, the plan would see the demolition of hundreds of Arab homes, establishing extensive infrastructure for Jewish settlers, mainly at the expense of the native Palestinian inhabitants, and building huge bridges for the purpose of achieving "demographic Jewish contiguity."

Webmaster's Commentary:
Israel's government choosing to do this now demonstrates how thoroughly comfortable they are with collectively vomiting in the faces of America's leaders, and telling them it's raining.

They know that US money and military aid will keep flowing, no matter how egregious and flagrant Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights become:
they are perfectly secure in their conviction that no one in the US government dares to do anything about it.


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Beyond Zionised American Terrorism

Beyond Zionised American Terrorism

Free America Now and Free Australia Now are to counter Zionised American Terrorism. Salman Rushdie, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, and Norma Khouri are aided and abetted by the Zionists! All of them are proven frauds! Their claims are based on false and fabricated stories. Yet, based on these fraud stars and falsified innuendos millions of anti-Muslim articles have been written, movies and documentaries were made all over the world!

Free America Now

The mighty USA! The best democracy money can buy!! Regularly supporting tin pot dictators, despotic regimes, the providing of schooling to teach "terror groups"- on how to overthrow democratically elected governments to satisfy the lust and greed of big corporations the- School of the Americas- situated in Georgia. During the process, human rights, natural justice, free speech, nature and environment get the short change to maximise the corporate profit.

Don't forget the Zionised media (not RACIST at all!) and the US administration, who have been consistently acting against the wishes and interest of the US population! The USA has used and abused UN veto power, went in two red alerts and took many unnecessary risks to support Israeli blatant terrors.

The recent tragedy in the USA is not a product of religion or race. It is due to the humangus hate earned by the successive US governments. It appears to be that the power drunk USA is utterly arrogant and ignorant. In the 80's they became friendly with both the Iranian Communist Party and Saddam Hussein, only to slaughter the Iranians and- later their own monster- Baathist, Saddam grew bigger than his boots, resulting in another continuum- the GENOCIDE of 1.5 million innocent Iraqi children under 5 by the democratic and humanitarian USA! So now, the USA has become friendly, this time with, amongst others, the former Afghan Communists and brigands and the former King Zahir Shah, all to punish their old palls the Talaban.

Remember George Washington was a terrorist according to the English king and perceived terrorist Osama bin Laden was a terrorist to the USSR and a freedom fighter to the USA only a few days ago!

Violence breeds violence. So in the wake of the September 11 tragedy, let's define "terrorism" and have a universal set of laws applicable to everyone without prejudice and then we would be in a position to address these problems without firing any guns.

Source: Free America Now

Free Australia Now

Muslim-hunt replaced witch-hunt and Islam Bashing is the most popular sport in the town. Australia's school children believe, "50% Muslims are terrorists" and such a believe is in reality an absolute reflection of zionised corporate media outlets deliberate and unrestrained anti-Muslim campaign based on false and engineered reasons and grounds.

Kids over board, truth over board and many more false and creative campaigns created to de-humanise, torture and terrorise three thousand mainly Muslim victims of state sponsored terrorism cost Australia more than 9 billions of dollars! Yet, these 3 million per person hate campaigns made the government more popular than ever!!

The cunning, cruel and sadistic Howard government have been hijacking human right, civil right and industrial right of Australians as well as made every attempts to lock us up to protect us! Ironically, prior to any of these campaigns mentioned above, Islam and Muslim bashing were used as a very successful diversion tactics.

One must wonder how do we become such a sadistic nation while we have been earning enormous amounts of hate by blindly supporting and fighting for Nazi Zionist state called Israel!

Source: Free Australia Now

Salman Rushdie

Islamic Republic of Iran (Muslims) was the enemy when Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were friends of the western corporate government and media. In that time, the good government of United Kingdom re-wrote their archaic Blasphemy Law which basically allows anyone to insult any Gods or Goddesses other than Anglican one! No one is suggesting any conspiracy here! However, in this questionable background a British citizen named Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie was assigned to write The Satanic Verses.

Obviously, the question is, “who asked him to do so and who was supportive of him”?

The Satanic Verses contains a number of offensive references about Muslim Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his family members contrary to all historical facts and based on totally unsubstantiated reasons and grounds. Most importantly the applications of those references were presented in an absolutely inappropriate manner and direction prompting the ultimate motive and purpose of this episode.

On that time, many Jewish people have been promoting The Satanic Verses under the guise of free speech while the same groups were denying the free speech of David Irving! This hypocrisy and double standard once again proves the narratives of The Sacred Cow, Israeli Holocaust, Middle East Formula for Peace, Holocaust Continuum and Greek Historian sentenced for 'Holocaust’ denial' saga.

Remember, the Israel Palestine conflict is not a religious one! It is a conflict of land.

Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, and Norma Khouri are aided and abetted by the Zionists! All of them are proven frauds! Their claims are based on false and fabricated stories. Yet, based on these fraud stars and falsified innuendos millions of anti-Muslim articles have been written, movies and documentaries were made.

Abridged from: Salman Rushdie

Ershad Manji

The continental born parents of Ershad Manji went to Uganda with the ‘British Lord’ and they had a comfortable life over there. The Ugandan boogieman Idi Amin kicked them out of Uganda and they were migrated to Canada where they had a tough life. Naturally, a journalism diploma holder Ershad developed some resentment and continued to nurture her anti-Muslim feelings. The opportunist Zionists found out about her instability and they handed her over a slot at a television channel in Canada. Her main slogan was;

Interestingly, after the 9/11, many Muslim and non-Muslim Islamic experts were not heard or seen in the western media and they were systematically replaced by a “moderate” Muslim like Ershad Manji with a very cunning and creative anti-Muslim zeal.

A misfit like Ershad may have created some confusion for the time being. Like many misguided souls, she may be a useful tool for the Zionists to cover up their war crimes and genocides! But, how come the western media outlets are so complaisant about these cunning stunts and creations?

Abridged from: Ershad Manji

Ayaan Hirshi Ali

Further to Ayaan Hirshi Ali, The New Weapons of Mass Destruction, THE POLITICS OF MUSLIM AND ARAB BASHING and Who really needs “protection” – Ali or her critics?; please examine the following should you wish.

The prominent Somali born BBC identity Ragi Omar writes about Yasin Hassan Omar and Ayaan Hirshi Ali.

“The fates of Yassin Hassan Omar and Ayaan Hirshi Ali could not be more different, in the decisions they have made and the actions they have taken. However, in many ways their similarities outweigh their differences. They both come from a country destroyed by civil war, their families escaped to the West in the hope of starting a new life, yet both found themselves suddenly disconnected from their family and their past. Their experiences produced two starkly different, yet equally zealous responses, which in their own ways present the greatest threats to the hope that a place like Edgware Road symbolizes for the overwhelming majority of Muslims. Each of them embodies an absolute vision that comes directly from their individual experiences; in the case of Yassin Hassan Omar and his fellow suicide bombers it is an absolute rejection of the West; in Ayaan Hirshi Ali’s case it is an utter rejection of Islam. In both cases it is a rejection of the place where I spent nineteen years of my life, a place where Islam and the West co-exist. With equal ardour they both reject the only thing there is: hope.”

During the Salman Rushdie debacle, the Zionists promoted the Satanic Verses like the holy Torah under the guise of free speech while they denied free speech of many including David Irving. Today, the Zionists are promoting Ayaan Hirshi Ali for their deviant reasons and no one is condemning them. However, if any Muslim supports any suicide bombers including Yassin Hassan Omar, then, all Muslims will be ostracized by every one without any compassion whatsoever!

It is like, today, everyone condemns Nazism like a fashion statement. However, the same lots are scared to condemn Zionism! Even though Zionism is Anti-Semitism and Zionism is worse than Nazism.

Then again Ershad Manji gets publicity, funding and protection from the Zionist groups and many media outlets recognise her as the ideal representative of Muslims! Similarly, Salman Rushdie's sexual impotence and conversation with God earned him a knighthood! Probably that’s why Salman himself said in his Satanic Verses, “We must enjoy foul and hollow, spectacular and empty, bright and morally bankrupt western society nearing to it’s end”.

Abridged from: Ayaan Hirshi Ali

Norma Khouri

Norma Khouri is a professional fraud. All of her claims are based on ill-motivated prejudice and bigotry. She knew, Islam and Arab bashings are the most spectacular and popular sports in the town! So she went on to incite against Arabs and Muslims!!

Based on her blatant lies millions of movies were made, articles were written, documentaries found their way to the world of Zionist propaganda! Many Israelites openly show respect to her satanic work as sanctimonious as holy Torah, even today!

The Zionists around the world made her an overnight super star. It is like Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, or any other misguided pied pipers to cover up war crimes and genocides of Israel and USA continuum!

Would you believe, like Osama Bin Laden the FBI is looking for her and can’t find her too! Many Zionised media in the western world including a few fools of the eastern side are still swallowing Norma and her filths!

Abridged from: Norma Khoury

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Two Indians attacked in Brisbane

Why Indian, may I ask?

Faruque Ahmed


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Two Indians attacked in Brisbane

January 22, 2010

Two Indian nationals have been attacked in separate incidents in Brisbane overnight, but the Queensland Government says there is no indication the attacks were racially motivated.

Acting Premier Andrew Fraser says he wants to assure Indian nationals that Australia is a safe place.

"This is a welcoming, tolerant society," Mr Fraser told ABC Radio.

Police said a 25-year-old man was assaulted and robbed while using a phone box near his home in Macgregor, in Brisbane's south, about 10.40pm.

He was punched in the head twice and his wallet was stolen.

Police are searching for the attacker, described as being about 170 centimetres tall and of Pacific Islander appearance, with black curly hair.

In a separate incident, a taxi driver was attacked about 2.40am today after an argument broke out with two men in Carindale, in Brisbane's south-east.

The men punched the driver in the face several times and smashed the car's windscreen.

The driver was taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital for cuts to his face and swelling to his right eye.

Two men, aged 28 and 25, are helping police with their inquiries.

Mr Fraser says there is no evidence the two matters are linked, adding that he hopes the incidents don't fuel more bad press in India.

"Queensland and Australia remain a very safe place," Mr Fraser said.

"There's no doubt this has been an issue in the international arena.

"That's why we want to emphasise ... that this is a welcoming, tolerant society.

"No one endorses any violence against any individual."

A number of recent attacks against Indian nationals, including the fatal stabbing this month of a Punjab-born student in Melbourne, have inflamed diplomatic tensions.

The issue has prompted a strong reaction in the Indian press, with one newspaper likening Australian police to the Ku Klux Klan for their purported inability to halt the assaults.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Influence of Zionism on Australian Politics

The long over due and a very dangerous theme like The Influence of Zionism on Australian Politics was organised by the well meaning and good institution of Australia known as Politics in the Pub. Two decent Jewish persons like Dr. Peter Slezac and Michael Brull were the main speakers. Another good Jewish voice Antony Loewenstein, was also present at that event. He chose to listen and learn.

A questionable person who was my former friend Paul Reti who is of Jewish background was recording notes religiously at this event! The incident mentioned in They Got the Rights – You Don’t and Silencing the Truth to T-Shirt and Reti’s involvement in that incident alerted me about Paul and his true nature. Nonetheless he was sitting next to me. At one stage, in an unusual manner he asked me, “are you talking to Stuart”? I responded with amazement, “is that a question”? Reti probably likes to know who is talking to who and he definitely takes notes about such matters. He could even be reporting his note taking to others. I find this alarming and revealing all at the same time. I asked my question of Reti because Professor Stuart Rees and many other people present at that meeting are well known to me and we talk openly and regularly to each other, as the need may arise. Since Silencing the Truth to T-Shirt incident Paul stopped talking to me for a time and he has displayed his unjustified anger towards me also.

I have been emailing Paul and many other people about a number of issues concerning a range of subjects. Specifically, in that emailing I said to Paul, a number of times, “please let me know if I have written anything incorrect or improper”. Surprisingly he never wrote back to me or pointed out to me where he believed that I was incorrect.

Anyway, I was the second questioner at this event. It was a struggle to ask my question on the subject of, “Whether Zionism is worse than Nazism ?” that in turn is based on information available at,
The Sacred Cow and my own direct interaction and discussions with Professor Clive Kessler at the ABC studio and Professor Uri Davis at Sydney University respectively.

Both Dr. Peter Slezac and Michael Brull were not pleased with my question. I understood their position because they themselves had been walking though a “minefield” and maybe I should have asked my question in a more sophisticated manner.

The Contributions of Peter and Michael were pertinent, factual, pragmatic and even risky for them. I think people of this nature and caliber can break the taboo surrounding the topic of Zionism and assist us towards peace and justice. However, self serving politicians of this world like the “Al haj” Hilary Clinton and the “Al haj” Julia Gillard are showing their willingness to dowse petrol onto the fire!

My lovely friend of Jewish extraction, Alice Beauchamp then commented and did her best to improve the situation. However, a few misguided, rude and arrogant Israeli supporters behaved with incivility and by doing so they demonstrated their absolute determination to act and continue to act in a very negative fashion without any justification in acting in such a way.

Apart from many of their disturbing acts they went further and at one stage they shouted, “…. Islam is the problem, ……”. They did so with absolute conviction and with clear zealotry. I then shouted back to them by saying, “So if your religion is valid and correct, how then is it that your religion is rejected by 99.96% of the people of this world? As this is the reality, how then can you therefore blame Islam which has a much stronger following and a much stronger uptake as a valid and correct religion than does yours? ” I said this so as to counter their illogical and negative behavior continuum.

Ultimately, I believe all human beings are equal regardless of sex, race and religion. I wonder when and how can we convince the Israeli power brokers to this way of thinking?

Faruque Ahmed
Sunday, August 23, 2009
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Captain Bush, Blair and Howard

Captain Bush, Blair and Howard

Don't waste your time and display your ignorance right now! We are waiting.

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Re: Captain Bush, Blair and Howard

Well knucklehead I have just returned from Sydney where he is considered to be something of a sad joke.What would you like to know about Lalor?? I would be pleased to educate you.
Cheers Bruce

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Most people respect Faruque. Why? People of this group will tell you later.

Firstly could your write a bit about Captain Lalor, Leader Lalor and Denis Kevans please.

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Re: Captain Bush, Blair and Howard

And you my gutless friend are just a parasite who will have no impact on history!!
Cheers Bruce

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Re: Captain Bush, Blair and Howard

Captain Bush, Blair and Howard are deadly parasites of the history.

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Captain Lalor,
Haven't you lost your way?
what are you doing here,
four hundred yards
from the peak of Chunuk Bair?

Peter Lalor's sword by your side,
your grandfather's pride;
what are you doing here
four hundred yards
from the peak of Chunuk Bair?
the 26th April, 1915, far from
your farm in Victoria, so green?

Captain Lalor,
haven't you lost your way?
what are you doing here?
your eyes filming,
your fingers unlacing
from the handle
of Peter Lalor's sword,
so carefully balanced and restored,
your spent cartridges all around,
your four mates lying,
without a sound,
Captain Lalor,what are you doing here?
four hundred yards from the peak of
Chunuk Bair?

From the book 'The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag' 1991, by Denis Kevans.
Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freeamericanow/message/45060

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Illustrious Prime Minister John Howard

The Illustrious Prime Minister John Howard

Further to Victory to Peoples Power, the illustrious Prime Minister of Australia misused and abused anti-Terror legislations and conspired to strip search of the New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk. He did so to make Israel happy. He also misused and abused the same legislations to strip search the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Michael Somare!

Philip Ruddock, the filthy Attorney General of Australia `virtually' asked his daughter to open her legs for an Israeli child molester for power as demonstrated in credible links of Legs are Open for Business.

A few thugs also dared to conspire with the ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) against Mr. Faruque Ahmed of infamous Minister for Transport! Initially the ASIO officials were aggressive towards Mr. Ahmed. However, eventually they became very polite to him and refrained from asking any silly questions. At one stage they said, “Faruque how can we keep Australia safe”? Faruque pointed out a few stories from two well-known Sydney dailies and said, “if you continue to incite prejudice, bigotry, racism and sectarianism like these ones based on innuendos and anecdotes, how could you keep the country safe”? They agreed with him and said, “you know the media outlets make money in this way”. Faruque’s response was, “well, the choice should be clear - either money or safety”.

Right now Dr. Mohamed Haneef and many people have fallen to the Howardian trap of racism and sectarianism to reconfirm the Australian Values.

'I'm here to take Haneef home'

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July 23, 2007

Moral support...Imran Siddiqui, a cousin of Mohamed Haneef's wifePhoto: Eddie Safarik

A RELATIVE of Mohamed Haneef says he has come to Australia to take the detained terrorism suspect home to his distressed wife and infant daughter in India.

Imran Siddiqui, a cousin of Haneef's wife, Firdous Arshiya, arrived in Brisbane late on Saturday night from Bangalore to provide moral support to the Gold Coast-based doctor, who has been charged with providing material support to a terrorist organisation.

After speaking to a forum in Brisbane discussing Haneef's plight yesterday, Mr Siddiqui said his 27-year-old relative was innocent and should be released.

"I've come to take him back - he's innocent, that I know," he said outside the forum at Griffith University's Nathan campus in Brisbane's south.

"We know the truth is that he's not connected to these things. It's not wrong on my part to expect that he should be released with all respect and dignity."

Mr Siddiqui said he was seeking permission to visit Haneef, who is being held at the Wolston Correctional Centre. "I want to tell him that his wife and child are doing fine," he said.
Haneef has yet to meet his daughter, born on June 26.

"I should say in these kind of circumstances, which were never expected, the family has been together and … his wife, we never knew that she was such a strong person," Mr Siddiqui said. "She is traumatised."

He said he had met Haneef for only "a few hours" but his family told him he's a "very nice guy". "The family has chosen me because of my exposure abroad."

Mr Siddiqui told the packed forum Haneef was the victim of circumstances. "After all this hard work, after being a model citizen, after losing his father at a very early age, going through all this, maintaining his family and then right [when] he's relishing the hard work which he's been doing over the years, someone has to face … that," he said.

He urged authorities to ensure that "the truth comes out" and that Haneef was given a fair trial.
"I think authorities should definitely, all over the world, think about this and see that, you know, innocent people are not being targeted," he said.

The Australian Medical Association says the handling of the Haneef case may lead to foreign doctors avoiding Australia.

"There seems to be a thought that doctors from overseas won't want to come to Australia looking at the Haneef issue because they don't want to be a part of this," said the president of the association, Rosanna Capolingua.

"We have to remember that this is not about doctors. This is about a particular situation around an individual who happens to be a doctor. It would be very sad to see doctors dissuaded from coming here."

The profession would struggle without foreign doctors, Dr Capolingua said. "Of our total medical workforce, 30 to 40 per cent are international medical graduates and in some cases they have been in Australia for 10, 20, 30 years."

"Three thousand to 4000 doctors are here on visas, so they are temporary residents and many are working in rural and regional areas … we are very dependent on them."


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Who really needs “protection” – Ali or her critics?

Who really needs “protection” – Ali or her critics?

Sunday 3rd June 2007, I went to the City Recital Hall and politely started to distribute my leaflet, "THE POLITICS OF ARAB AND MUSLIM BASHING" outside the $35 per person lecture.

Within ten minutes a police officer amongst the approximately twenty strong contingent, courteously asked me to provide him a copy of my leaflet. He read the item and then placed it in his hip pocket. Soon after most of the security guards present asked me for a copy of the same material and I made it available to them. Almost all of those security guards had a very polite exchange with me regarding Ayaan Hirshi Ali. At the outset, it appeared a common sense approach by those police officers and guards, their interaction with me was an example of the Aussie ‘fair go’ attitude at work. But, the ‘boss’ from inside the hall started to put pressure on the security guards to be nasty and forceful with me. The police officers did not intervene as I was not in breach of any law. The embarrassed leader of the private security said, "Mate, you are breaching the peace here – I have to ask you to move". My startled response was, "You know I don't believe in violence and I have not done anything to incite violence, therefore you must not accuse me of such fictitious grounds”. He then said, "Your materials are offending some people inside and they are getting very hot under their collars – they might attack you". I responded by saying, "That would be their problem and how come they are unable to accept any fair criticism and are threatening ME with violence?"

The embarrassed, yet reasonable security guy who by no means would be risking his security licence to be a paid thug or anyone’s hired, violent stooge. He said, "Look just move fifty meters from the hall and you will be fine". I said, "I don't have to move, but, for the sake of peace I will walk an extra mile".

However, during the period I was leafleting there, I observed that there were a few different types of people attending the lecture. One group refuses to know you if you do not look like them and walked straight past me. Another group treats words like ‘Arab’ or ‘Muslim’ which were in my leaflet like poison! This second grouping like the first refuse to get involved or to even acknowledge you. The third grouping are in between – they are struggling to find their positions.

One over excited, blustering, middle-aged woman said to me, "Your materials are wrong". I replied, "Why"? She then said, "Look, UTS Professor Jamila Hussain is wrong and it is a fact (that she’s wrong)". She attempted to support her opinion by pointing out Professor Jamila's quote that I had used in that same leaflet. I responded to her, "You are presenting your opinion only and it’s not a `fact' to dismiss my materials. I myself regard Professor Jamila Hussain’s statement here as valid". She roared at me in frustration, "Are you calling me a liar?" I said, "Why are you so militant in nature and how come you are not presenting your argument in a logical manner?" She then continued in her provoking way, "Are you one of those killers who are hunting for her"? I replied, "You are reminding me of those brave child killer Israelis who have been murdering unarmed Palestinian children in their kindergartens, schoolyards and backyards with machine guns, apache helicopters and F18s."

Another cranky, flustered old woman approached me too. The security guards found her exchange with me hilarious and said to me later, "Is she your first critic"?

She begun with, “I am a Dutch, I know everything and you know nothing. Are you Australian? Where do you come from? She (Ayaan) is educated. She will fix violent Muslims". With a giggle I said, "That's why your good friends are supporting and financing her. They will dump her after her ‘use by date’ – you watch". She continued, "You should not be allowed to talk in this country – you should be banned."

The irony here is that the security asked me to move because they feared for my safety. In reality, we need protection from the supporters of Ayaan and not the other way around, where as the entire tour of Ayaan is claimed to be based on her needing around-the-clock security!

Is this a case of “violence begets violence” or more precisely, does it confirm my point that the financial backers of Ali are using her to disguise their own violence against Muslims and Muslim countries around the world?

During the initial stages of reporting of Ali by the Australian media the articles were balanced and they also quoted a number of local Muslims who were critical of Ayaan’s blanket condemnation of Islam based on her incorrect stand and faulty reasoning.

After a couple of days of her appearance in Australia the screws were turned, the clear bias emerged and her monologues were selectively used to create deliberate confusion, uproar and cause injury to the Islamic community.

Surely, the Sydney Writers Festival should be about dialogues and robust discussions. That was the reason I distributed my flyer to generate open and fair debate. In the current atmosphere in Australia it would appear the only dialogue possible now is via the internet and not out in the open in real life.

Are Ayaan Hirshi Ali, Ershad Manji, Norma Khoury and a few more confused, yet conveniently compliant soles being used as a distraction away from many burning issues one of which is the longest running concentration camp known to mankind, located in the occupied Palestine? Because, this slow motion Israeli holocaust in Palestine is much more painful than the former one!


Ayaan Hirshi Ali, an international guest of the Sydney Writers Festival in 2007 is feted as a persecuted victim of Islam by some Western feminists, intellectuals and the media of Australia. As a progressive Muslim in Australia, I urge attendees at the SWF to take a closer look. It is my belief that Ali has become a pawn of the Right Wing establishment, which promotes racism, pro-American military aggression and pro-Israeli Zionism.

The Labor Party of Holland challenged Ali for making a political career based on lies, prejudice and bigotry – the very things she claimed to be fighting. After September 11, 2001 Dutch politics moved to the right. Sixty percent of the Dutch electorate voted for the far right politician Pim Fortyn in the wake of 9/11. Fortyn was assassinated by an animal rights activist and NOT by a supporter of Islam. Yet, the media focused on Islamic fundamentalism in their coverage of the crime. Dutch government Minister Rita Verdonk took up the anti-Muslim crusade and deported many asylum seekers in Holland back to their country of origin and handed over the reports compiled on why they sought asylum. This exposed asylum seekers to further dangers. A number of them have since been killed. Verdonk denied handing over these reports until she was exposed by some journalists. Verdonk now wants to return Iranian homosexuals to Iran from Holland with full knowledge they may be killed. Ayaan Hirshi Ali is politically aligned with these reactionary forces.

Many Dutch people are happy that Ayaan was kicked out from the Dutch Parliament and since she has left for the United States they do not want her back in their country. They also want to revoke her citizenship. However since arriving in the USA Ayaan has been adopted by the pro-Israeli lobby and the neo-Cons as a valuable weapon in their anti-Muslim crusade. Just like former anti-Vietnam War activists and writers who deserted the progressive Left are now widely promoted in the establishment media to defend the Bush line on Iraq, former Muslims like Ayaan Hirshi Ali, Ershad Manji and others are now promoted to discredit Islam generally, but worse to promote and stir the fans of Western prejudice and ignorance.

Below are a few quotes regarding Ali.

In answer to an email I sent exposing her real agenda, a reply from the Sydney Writers Festival organizing committee noted, “… Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s views are controversial and that the right wing media regularly cite her views to promote their agenda. We have discussed this in depth with her publisher …”

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Islamic law lecturer Jamila Hussain said Hirsi Ali's ideas were extreme and stigmatised Muslims. "I think she'd be better staying where she came from," Ms Hussain said. "I've read enough of her thoughts. It's a narrow and radical opinion, and I don't agree with it. She's obviously had some dreadful experiences, but they're not typical."

Nada Roude, a young female spokesperson from the NSW Islamic Council, said Hirsi Ali's comments on the prophet Mohammed were a "no-go zone". By this she meant her criticisms (on the subject of paediphilia) were without foundation, according to non-Arab, non-Muslim scholars of religious history. (The Australian May 29, 2007)

Islamic education consultant Silma Ihram said the writer's perception of the religion was inaccurate. “(She) has an axe to grind due to her background suffering from unfortunate Somali tribal practices,” Ms Ihram said.

“Combine that with a desire for wealth as a Somali European migrant and it's natural for her to achieve both by publicly slandering Islam and obtaining immediate media attention.” Comment of the Islamic friendship Association spokesman Keysar Trad (Daily Telegraph May 29, 2007)

Ayaan’s anti-Muslim diatribe should be read in the context of the Iraq War, Howard’s “War on Terror”, the Cronulla riots, talkback radio and the coming APEC talks. There is a deliberate attempt to stereotype Muslim and Arab Australians. Even those who oppose the ‘divide and rule’ tactics of the State let their guard down when an articulate Third World women is speaking about the “backward” and so-called “anti-Modern nature of Islam. They will not scrutinize Ayaan’s political agenda in the same way they might Piers Ackerman or Gerard Henderson – even if she is essentially saying the same thing.

Sure there are “rat bags” and “fundamentalists” within the global Islamic religion and culture. But for thousands of years the Islamic culture co-existed with Jewish people and their culture. It is only now with the rise of political Zionism and the State of Israel, defended by the American Right and US Fundamentalists, that fakes such as Ayaan and others are given prominence with their “Islam is Seventh Century and anti-Modern” line.

Have a look at some of the “extremist” positions from the pro-Zionist camp below and then ask yourself is Ayaan and her supporters correct in ‘casting the first stone’ only against Islam:

“[in the event of sex between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman] the main punishment is inflicted on the Gentile woman; she must be executed, even if she was raped by the Jew." (Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years by Israel Shahak, page 87)

"We Jews are going to bring war on Germany." (David Brown, President of American Hebrew, in 1934, quoted in Edmonson's I Testify, page 188).
"The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism." (The Chicago Jewish Sentinel, October 8, 1942).

“The seed [children] of Christians valued same as the seed of a beast”. (Kethuboth [3b]).”It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile." (Sepher Ikkarim III c25)"We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the Lords" (Dr. Kurt Munzer, The Way to Zion).

”We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands." (Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, pages 152, 155, and 147).
Faruque Ahmed, Email: union_faruque@yahoo.com.au Mobile: 041 091 4118

The New Weapons of Mass Destruction

The New Weapons of Mass DestructionAyaan Hirshi Ali is one of the new ‘weapons of mass destruction’. She started a career out of lying. Ayaan obtained her Dutch citizenship and made documentaries based on false and fabricated materials. Now she is exposed, lost her position in the Dutch Parliament and her citizenship supposed to be revoked too.However, she found a warm place in the warmongering Bush lead US administration and the neo-cons are giving her plenty of support and publicity.

The Sydney Writers' Festivals response is fair and proper in their dealings with her.I hope prejudice and bigotry will be defeated by truth and reality and none of us should fell for any of them.

Thanks in advance.

Faruque Ahmed
Free America Now
May 29, 2007

Sydney Writers Festival Organisers

Sydney Writers Festival OrganisersSydney, Australia

Dear Sir/Madam,

I admire you people for many good reasons. However, the promotion of Hirshi Ayaan Ali

With Thanks

Faruque Ahmed
Mobile: 041 091 4118
Thursday, 17 May 2007

Ayaan Hirshi Ali

Ayaan Hirshi Ali was taken on by the Labour Party of Holland when she started her political career based on lies, prejudice and bigotry. September the 11th happened, Holland moved to the right. Today, Islam and Arab bashings are the most popular sports in the town!60 % of the Dutch voted for the “far right politician” Pim Fortyn. Pim Fortyn was shot by an animal activist and not by an Islamite.Hirshi Ayaan Ali is the biggest ally of Minister Rita Verdonk, the very right winged politician like Pim Fortyn. Minister Verdonk is responsible for sending back many asylum seekers and has given their governments the reports on why they applied for asylum. This is illegal and is dangerous for the people who are send back. Several of them have been killed. Verdonk denied sending any reports until some journalist came up with evidence. Rita had no choice than admitting it. Verdonk want now to send back Iranian asylum seekers who are homosexual, knowing that they are going to be killed.

American Enterprise Institute and many zionised and neo-con organizations are behind Ayaan from the day one.Aggressive and lunatic Theo van Gogh is a chain smoking, heavy drinking, cocaine using person despised by most Dutch and decent people around the world. People used to ask him, “why do you make mokumentary based on lies”? He response used to be, “everyone knows I am a lunar park clown and no one takes me seriously”. Most of the Dutch people are happy that Ayaan was kicked out from the Dutch Parliament and they do not want her back in their country.Anyway, he was killed by an misguided 18 yeas old youth and not as a result of a huge conspiracy organised by ‘violent Muslims’. Sadly, such a killing gave Theo virtual sainthood to some level and obviously no one supports such a killing. Yet, predictable section of the world media and powerbrokers are using this incident to demonise Muslims and elevating this professional liar and bigot Ayaan into sainthood.

In old days, they usd to load people to send them in “Crusades”. The result is undeniable and well-known – the unnecessary and avoidable death and destruction in the name of religion. To day, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ershad Manji and Salman Rushdie are used to demonise Muslims and Arabs. Why is it so? Is it to make Israel look good?

Critic of Islam is exposed on claim of asylum and the love child of Adolph Hitler’s predictable praise should ring the alarm bell.Here a Muslim is Guilty for holding a placard but in Denmark these peoples are not guilty for depicting Muslims and their prophet as terrorists! Ironically, the same kinds of freedom lovers love to fight everyone and prevent us all from telling us the truth. They want to ban Al-Jazeera for debating issues like Zionism and Anti-Semitism, Zionism is worse than Nazism and If Americans Knew. Where is the consistency may I ask?

Surely Israeli Holocaust, Holocaust continuum, The Iron Wall, A list of UN Resolutions against "Israel" and The Holocaust as political asset are the real issues. Iraq pullout would hurt Israel, Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel and the Middle East Formula for Peace along with The Green Zone Follies are a few good examples to prove "Who control America"? Obviously, the answer is Israelis control America and these are only a few good examples to pin point the undeniable fact who really controls America and why the poor Americans are dying like dogs and cats for Israel!

The Brutal Zionist Role in the Holocaust, BEN-GURION'S SCANDALS, Zionism Data Page, Palestinian Holocaust in the Holy Land, Oil, Israel and Iraq, ZIONIST WAR CRIME REPARATIONS 'ISRAEL MUST PAY THE PRICE, Naturalized Chinaman and They Thought They Were Free for your enlightenment.
requires some degree of skepticism and a disclaimer to balance the reality in order to avoid deliberate prejudice and bigotry based on falsehoods.