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Allah's Vulgar Language in the Quran

Allah's Vulgar Language in the Quran

Contributions below are a few good examples of democracy, free speech and fairness at work as well as taking care of a few troublemakers.

--- In, "Jodie" wrote:
Re: Allah's Vulgar Language in the Quran

Well, Sandy... IMHO, when the ancient religious works were written, they used the language, beliefs and customs of their times. It beats me why people go into them and try to tear them apart and look for dirt. They will only find history.The ancient religious works may outdated as far as their beliefs, rules and rites are concerned, but they all offer a great deal in understanding the history of humanity.


--- In, Sandy Falknor wrote:

lol, well he will be doing some soul searching for a long time looking for vulgar language in the bible, but at the same time he might learn not to judge a book by its cover.


Jodie jodie_usa2000@... wrote:

hahaha... Sandy, maybe Kisan can find some American cuss words in the New Testament... like "Jesus Christ... "You Son-of-a- Bitch" Or... "Sum Bitch" Or even like Imus said... "Nappy-headed Hos"


--- In, Sandy Falknor invisable37@ wrote:

are you getting this from the true writings of Quran, or are reading something that is said to be the Quran of who rewrote and put it into there own words, I have read some of the Quran out of curiosity as to what is in it, I never read anything like that.

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Re: Allah's Vulgar Language in the Quran


Thanks for your contribution. I estimate, kisan finds his moral guidance from toilet blocks of his locality and I refuse to waste my time with him. He is full of prejudice and bigotry and they are based on falsehood and irrationalism.

--- In, "Sanjay" wrote:
Re: Allah's Vulgar Language in the Quran

Kisan,You are back to your tricks. For a couple of weeks I am out and you start on your demented, ill - informed campaign.Well, I guess I cannot reform everybody.

Your article--------------------------------------First of all since, the author whom you have quoted has translated the ancient arabic into english, may I see his credentials as a leading linguist.In case you do not know, languages evolve and the meaning of words change over times, if words remain the same.Let me educate you.In modern english, there is word which is used as slang.


Yes that is the If I write - Kisan fucked the ground - it will mean that either you rub yourself on the ground or there is a part missing which will show the person.

Now, and read very carefully, if I were to right the same statement 800 years ago, it would mean,Kisan has sowed some bad seeds in the ground (in the agricultural sense) no metaphors here.Why because,in the early ages english the word Fuck meant to sow bad seeds whereas today, I guess you know as that is what you have been trying with asian cultures.So, I hope you understand that when I query the credentials of the writer, it is to ascertain that whatever he has translated is accurate and is so acknowledged by the peers in Linguistic fields.Now coming to my second point -EVEN IF IT IS CORRECT.So what. Go through the Bible, both old and new testament. You will find plenty of cuss words there to the extent that some of those words, they were names of biblical cities, are used today to denote cuss words.I mean SODOM.

The word sodomize comes from there because the biblical god believed that people of sodom are haveing unnatural sex and hence should be penalised.Moreove, both the bibles talk about sons of Israel (another myth exploded - Israel was not a place but a person and when bible talks of Israel - it talks of descendants of Israel -the person, there was no place called israel in biblical times, it was canaan and so on. If you want a list, go to bible and read it) and gives them the permission to do untold things to people who did not believe in Jewish God,similarly for christian god.So you see, vulgar language is not the sole propriety of Islam, it is in every regimented religion, i.e., the religion which follows a book and does not permit any deviation.I hope you get the message, if not then I will be forced to open the bible and start quoting. Trust me, it will make you blush.Thanks,


The link below introduced by a filth called kisan and this NOT a true meaning or from an authentic source.

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